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Bike Travel Bag

with well- equipped testing facilities and strong technical force in Taiwan. With a wide range, excellent quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensive used in market and other industries.
  • EVA Bike Case - W0017-BK
    W0017-BK : EVA Bike Case
    MOVePAK EVA Bike Traveler
    Product Spec :
    Weight: Approx 9.6 kgs.
    Size: 120X 92(tallest)X26cm
    Function: Bike Carrier
    Materials: EVA、Nylon、polyester

    Short Description :
    The Bike Traveler evolution is designed to optimize load, safety, comfort and handling during traveling.  The Bike Traveler is moulded to fit most road, touring and mountain bikes in a secure "locked" position to reduce damage whilst in transit.

    Product Description :
    EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) has high impact strength and good tear/abrasion resistance making it an ideal construction material for the Bike Traveler. The "Clam Shell" is designed as a reinforced closure system with three locks, which can  also enable it to be fully opened for ease of stowing the bike.  

    • Bike type:
    ✔Mountain bike(frame size 20 inches and below)
    ✔Road Bike(L size and below)
    ✔Cross Country Bike 21 inches and below
    ✔All of above types' front and back wheels can be quick released except the extreme large size
    (Attention:Few large sizes such as ISP, its frame and chaining will need to remove in order to be fitted in.)
    • The bike wheels can be locked in position using quick release skewers. 
    • Closed with industrial strength zips and backed up by quick release buckles
    • Strong, Omnidirectional Wheels for ease of carrying and move.  Conform the pod includs foam tubes, quick release skewers, fixing belts, sufficicent padding to protect your frame, the lock, and the bike wheels in a safety position.  
    • Shipping method:
    ✔CRV can carry upto 2 Bike Travelers(Solio can carry upto four Bike Travelers)。
    ✔Compact or mid-size car will need to spare the space between the trunk and back seat to well storage the Bike Travelers; or place on the back seats if adjusting space.
    ✔The hard case with wheels represents the safest and most practical way to transport your bike especially during the flight. 
    ✔Motorbike is not allowed to carry Bike Traveler.
  • ABS Bike Box - W0772-BK
    W0772-BK : ABS Bike Box
    MOVePAK ABS Bike Traveler
    Product Spec :
    Weight: Approx 9.2 kgs.
    Size:115X 93(tallest)X29cm  
    Function:Bike Carrier
    Materials:ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)+PC(Polycarbonate)

    Short Description :
    EABSPC Bike Traveler-- a new super tough, spacious hard case to transit your precious bike oversea.

    ABSPC Bike Traveler, made from tough ABSPC, a high impact resisting material which is the same stuff that is used to make car bumpers and high end luggage.  It was designed to be Robust, resilient, durable and affordable to safely transport the largest of road or mountain bikes, with plenty room for other accessories.  The case weighs in at just 9.2kg which makes one of the lightest hard cases available.

    Product Description :
    ANTI CRUSH feature!
    The case has a unique anti crush feature which will protect your bike from in the handle of any airline during baggage transit which might drop or throw the case. This case will give your bike maximum protection from the most ham-fisted baggage handler. Complies to all current airline regulations
    • Large 40mm smooth rolling castors
    • Integral handles for ease of carrying and moving of the case
    • Worldwide approved Customs combination lock, customs officer can open it without having to break the locks
    • Industrial strength zip as used in high end luggage for maximum security
    • Fixed hold down straps for securing the frame in the case Pedal bag
    • Two large die cut foam protectors
    • Two wheel covers
    • Overall dimensions are 115x29x93cm
    • Weight 9.2kg
  • ABS Bike Case - W0772-BK
    W0772-BK : ABS Bike Case
    MOVePAK ABS Bike Traveler
    Product Spec:
    Weight: Approx 9.2 kgs.
    Size: 115X 93(tallest)X29cm  
    Function: Bike Carrier
    Materials: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)+PC(Polycarbonate)

    Short Description
    Need to take your bike overseas? The ABS Bike Traveler is your travel solution for transporting you bike anywhere around the world. Stow large road or mountain bikes easily along with additional accessories without lugging around a heavy carrying case. Weighing at just 9.2 kg, the ABS Bike Traveler is one of the lightest, most durable bike transportation cases around. 

    Product Description
    The ABS Bike Traveler is made from a tough, resistant material that is used in high-end travel luggage and car bumper construction. Well-constructed and highly-durable, the ABS Bike Traveler provides the security and protection during long flights that might result in scratches or dents to luggage and other important items. 

    - Compliant with current airline regulations
    - 40mm rolling castors allows for easy transportation
    - Combination lock is customs-approved internationally (a customs officer is able to open the case without damaging the locks)
    - Industrial-strength zipper closure provides maximum security 
    - Secured frame straps inside pedal bag 
    - Internal foam protectors cushions impact
    - 2 wheel covers
    - Measures 115cm x 29cm x 93cm
    - Weighs 9.2kg"
  • EVA Bike Bag - W0017-BK
    W0017-BK : EVA Bike Bag
    MOVePAK EVA Bike Traveler
    Product Spec
    Weight: Approx 9.6 kgs.
    Size:120X 92(tallest)X26cm
    Function:Bike Carrier

    Short Description
    When you are not commuting or have reached your destination, the Bike Traveler makes it easy and secure to stow away your bike. This compact and well-designed storage system locks your bike in place and keeps it safe in transit.  

    Product Description
    The EVA Bike Traveler is a durable, resistant bike stow-away solution that protects your bike from weather and travel damage. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a sturdy material that can withstand high impact, keeping your bike secure. Its unique ""clam shell"" design has reinforced lock closures and opens up in a 180 degree angle that lets you retrieve your bike easily.

     - Fits most bikes - mountain bike (20 inches frame size and below), road bike (L size and below), cross country bike (21 inches and below)
     - To fit larger bikes like ISP, the frame and chains need to be removed before stowing
     - Lock wheels of bikes with quick release skewers
     - Features industrial strength zipper closures, complete with quick release buckles
     - 360-rotating wheels for easy transportation
     - Includes quick release locks, fixing belts, foam tubes, safety padding to cushion your bike frame, and wheel locks
     - Transportation: a CRV easily fits 2 Bike travelers (Solio fits up to 4)
     - Stows easily in a compact to mid-size car (between the back seat and trunk space or on back seats)
     - Features a hard outer case that protects your bike on a flight or in transit
     - The Bike Traveler will not store motorbikes
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