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Bike Handlebar Bag

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  • Bike Phone Pouch - W0383-GY
    W0383-GY : Bike Phone Pouch
    City Chic Mobile Pouch (Classic)
    Product Spec :
    (adjustable into horizontal viewing mode) 
    Size: 10.7 x 15 x 1.5cm
    Materials: Nylon 1680D + PVC leather

    Short Description :
    The City Chic Mobile Pouch is a safe and clever solution to carrying around your mobile phone while you commute to work or ride around town. 

    Product Description :
    This lightweight mobile pouch attaches firmly on any bike's handlebars and features a horizontal viewing mode that lets you access your mobile phone even without taking it out of the pouch.    

    Key features:
    - Water resistant material  keeps your mobile phone protected and dry
    - Converts into a horizontal position to easily access phone
    - Clear touch screen protection cover lets you access your mobile phone without taking it out of the pouch
    - Easily fits iPhone 5/5S 
    - Dimensions: 10.7 x 15 x 1.5cm
  • Handlebar Camera Bag - W0031-BK
    W0031-BK : Handlebar Camera Bag
    MOVePAK Ultimate_Convertible Handlebar Camera Bag
    Product Spec :
    Weight : 800g
    Product Size : 22 x 16 x 21 cm
    Inner Size: 21.5x 15.5x 20cm
    Function : Camera Bag
    Materials : Nylon, Polyester

    Short Description :
    MOVePAK is the professional convertable camera bag created for photagraphy-addicted bikers. The three-way carrying design allows ultimate mobility : users can carry it on the shoulder, sling it in front the torso or clip it on bicycle handlebar when taking a biking trip. 

    Product Description :
    1. Capable of holding middle and small size cameras, with at most two lenses and one flash.
    2. Offers perfect protection for DSLR: Anti-crushed padded partition with soft inner textile. Water-resistant rainfly enclosed at the bottom. 
    3. Double layer pockets for memory cards and other accessories.
    4. Additional accessory options: Optional adjustable stripes and clip-on bags are available for purchase.
  • Top Tube Bike Bag - W0222-BK
    W0222-BK : Top Tube Bike Bag
    MOVePAK Upper Tube Bag with Mobile
    Product Spec :
    Size: 12x4.4x17.6 cm (folded)
    Weight: 280g
    Material:1680D Nylon, Jacquard, Polyester
    Color: Black & Orange

    Short Description :
    A Convertible designer handle bar bag which can be both a uppertube mobile bag waist pack, perfect for running errands!! Fits Apple iphone 6 plus, Samsung Note 3, Note 4.

    Product Description :
    A convertible bike bag tripling cyclists' mobility! It serves 3 different functions:
    1. Handlebar bag 
        Three-point design fixes onto the handle stem, preventing the bag from shaking while in motion.
        Fitting direction is placed toward rider to skip twining with break cable and lights.
        Made of Anti-shock padded material 
    2. With special belt design, the bag becomes a handlebar bag when installed on a bike, or a portable waist pack when taken off
    3. Detachable Mobile Pouch:
        Fits iphone 6 Plus and Samsung Note3, Note 4.
        45 degree adjustable cell phone compartment with PVC touchable layer, riders can use navigation function when riding.
        The mobile pouch can be fitted on handlebar bag or attached on an adjustable shoulder strap as a mobile armband. (Consumer can also purchase Shoulder Strap as additional options)
  • Bike Top Tube Bag - W0239-BK
    W0239-BK : Bike Top Tube Bag
    MOVePAK Upper Tube Bag_Drink Holder
    Product Spec :
    Size: 24x11.4x15.8 cm
    Weight: 240g
    Material: 1680D Nylon, Jacquard
    Color:Black & Orange

    Short Description :
    Convertible designer bike accessory which can be both a uppertube bag and shoulder bag. The two drink holding pockets makes drinks on the go easier than never. 

    Product Description :
    1. Versatile handlebar bag with special patented design.
    2. The bag itself is designed with a belt, easy to take with you; it becomes a top tube bag when installed on a bike, or a portable shoulder bag when taken off
    3. Separate left/right double pockets, perfect for organizing drinks, purse or wallet
    4. The open-backwards design makes it super easy to access a canned/cup drink in motion
    5. The three-point design for fixing it onto the handle stem prevents the bag from shaking when in motion
    6. Shoulder bag design, the portable bag can be used either for the office or outing purposes
  • Best Bike Handlebar Bag - W0871-PK
    W0871-PK : Best Bike Handlebar Bag
    PINK Square Handlebar Bag
    Product Spec :
    Size: 24.5x 15.5x 15.5 
    Weight :450g
    Materials : Nylon 1680D + Polyester 600D
    Color: Grey & Pink

    Short Description :
    Stay prepared and ready for any commute with the trendy PINK Handlebar Bag that stores important items safely to your bicycle. We know how difficult it can be to find a carrier that can travel with you to work, yet still looks great next to your stylish workday attire. This one just does that, with its water resistant features and clever see-through window, you can now commute in style and never have to struggle with your navigation system again on your bicycle. 

    Product Description :
    1. Made of 1680D Nylon, includes 600D pink polyester to give it a fashionable and sporty appearance.
    2. Water resistant and lightweight material.
    3. Outer pocket compartment stores personal belongings for easy retrieval.
    4. 2-in-1 carrying style with adjustable shoulder straps.
    5. Velcro-lined opening flaps make it easy to attach and remove to any bicycle front handle.
    6. A transparent window design on the inside makes it easy to view a map, navigator, cell phone, or other touch screen devices.
  • Bicycle Handlebar Bag - W0932-PK
    W0932-PK : Bicycle Handlebar Bag
    MOVePAK Cylinder Handlebar  Bag
    Product Spec :
    Size :22.5x 13.5x 13.5 cm
    Weight : 350g
    Materials: Nylon 1680D + Jacquard 420D
    Color:Grey & Pink

    Short Description :
    Your bags and purses can look as stylish as your suit, even if you cycle to work.The MovePAK Handlebar Bag gives you flexibility and ease when storing and retrieving important items like your cell phone, wallet, or keys. Keep items safely with you without having to worry about trying to get them in traffic. The Handlebar Bag is water resistant and transforms into a shoulder bag or top handle carrier easily when you have to leave your bike.

    Product Description :
    1. Made of 1680D nylone design with Jacquard 420D and pink zipper for a trendy look.
    2. Water resistant outer case keeps items safe and dry.
    3. Two side pockets for Smartphones, MP3 players and other small items.
    4. 3-in-1 carrying style- shoulder, top handle or clip-on while you are on the bicycle.
    5. Adjustable clip-on buckle design makes it easy to fasten and remove on any type of bike.
  • Bicycle Phone Pouch - W0673-GY
    W0673-GY : Bicycle Phone Pouch
    City Chic Mobile Pouch (Angel Adjustable)
    Product Spec :
    Mobile Holder
    Size :  10.7 x 15 x 1.5cm
    Materials :Nylon 1680D + PVC leather

    Short Description :
    Compact and stylish mobile holder with adjustable quick releae buckle. Easy for adjusting viewing angles to avoid screen reflection.

    Product Description :
    1. The water resistant design frees you from worry of wetting your beloved mobile phone.
    2. Clear touch screen, easy to operate mobile phones in bags.
    3. Adjustable fixed bracket and connector enable  easy multi-angle adjustment for smoother navigation. 
    4. Suitable for: IPhone 5 / 5S and phones within the following dimensions: height: 150 mm, width: 81 mm, thickness: 20 mm
  • Handlebar Bike Bag - W1021-GY
    W1021-GY : Handlebar Bike Bag
    Walco City Stance Handlebar Bag
    Product Spec:
    Size: 19x11x15cm
    Weight: 340g
    Materials: Nylon, PVC Leather/ Authentic Leather
    Color: Grey

    Walco City Stance Handlebar/ Saddle bag designed by Walco, is a multi-function riding portable accessory, with zipper on the bag providing water-proof storing space. With double-purpose design, besides its strap that can be hung on the handlebar within your sight, it's also a considerate double-purpose design, which can be put under the bike cushion with different tide on solution either by buckle or Velcro fasteners.

    1. Use 1680D Nylone to match real leather design, balance sense of sports fashion.
    2. Designed with zipper and water-proof function, without fear of weather changes.
    3. Large storing space make it easy to hold all the items.
    4. You can make use of the bandage at the back, directly put your bag on the handlebars or under the cushion. Easy-to-dismount design suits for various bikes.
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