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  • Bike Rear Fender - W9164-WT
    W9164-WT : Bike Rear Fender
    Luminous LED Fender
    Product Spec :
    Materials: PC (Body), Length: 500mm , Weight: 210.8g 
    Seat Post Clamp: 54*13*5cm  
    Color: WHITE / LED: RED 
    Battery: Dry Cell AAA 1.5V*2 
    Electric Storage: Steady- 100hr, Flash- 120hr

    Short Description :
    The unique light beam design of the Walco Luminous LED Fender serves not only as a bike fender, but also as a warning signal in darkness. The elegant curve glows in 3 different modes, which increases rider's visibility at night.  

    Product Description :
    1. The unique light beam design of the Walco Luminous LED Fender serves as a warning signal and glows to increase identification at night.
    2. Two different LED-warning signals: continuous/ glitter
    3. Angle of the Walco Luminous LED Fender may be adjusted to fit different bicycles.
    4. Energy saving LED design last for 100 hours and more than 120 hours in glitter mode.
    5. Charged with standard AAA battery ×2, may also use rechargeable batteries.
    6. Automatic turn on design to ensure rider’s safety in the dark.
    7. Shockproof, freeze-proof, water repellent.
  • Bike Reflectors - W9058-YL
    W9058-YL : Bike Reflectors
    LED Reflective Clip
    Product Spec :
    Size: 10cm x 4 cm
    Weight: 15g
    Material:PVC, LED
    Color: Yellow

    Short Description :
    The fun, geometric patterned reflective clip is made of PVC material, with built-in LED light. 
    It can be attached to clothes or bags with strong magnet clipping design, and switches into flash mode when turned on with a single press. The LED Reflective Clip can increase rider's visibility when cycling, or simply offering flashing light elements in any other occasion. 

    Product Description :
    1. Fun geometric patterns, reflective PVC material design.
    2. Built-in LED light, press to switch to flash mode, which increases road safety when riding a bike.
    3. Strong magnet clipping design, easy to apply to most types of bags or clothes.
  • Bicycle Safety Vest - W9034-YL/ W9041-OG
    W9034-YL/ W9041-OG : Bicycle Safety Vest
    V-Shape fluorescein Vest
    Product Spec :
    Size: 60(H)* 12-50(W)cm*
    Material: Polyester, Pass Enstandard
    Color: Orange/Yellow

    Short Description :
    When riding a bike or running at night or in weather with poor visibility, one can never be too careful about road safety. Walco lightweight reflective vest, which is simple but not dull in design, easily enhances visibility when exercising outdoors. Available in Yello and Orange

    Product Description :
    1. Lightweight material, breathable mesh, weightless & extremely comfortable on your body.
    2. Appropriate for running, walking or riding a bike.
    3. One size only, but suitable for most body types.
  • Cycling Raincoat - W902-GY (Grey)/ W9010-RD (Red)
    W902-GY (Grey)/ W9010-RD (Red) : Cycling Raincoat
    Cycling Raincoat
    Product Spec :
    Size: Length 80cml, Sleeve 81cm, Shoulder 52 cm
    Material: Nylon + PU Coating
    Color: Grey/ Red

    Short Description :
    Durable light-weighted cycling rainoat, offering good protection against rainy weathers while keep good ventilation.   
    It can be folded into small square, which makes it easy to store in smaller bike bags such as saddle bag and frame pannier, or even in the pocket.

    Product Description :
    1. Water-resistant, lightweight, with a zipper, coated with a PU layer, suitable for wearing in outside weather that often changes, weightless.
    2. Breathable holes & multiple-area ventilation design on back & under armpits, quickly keeps heat outside the raincoat when exercising, does not feel stuffy at all when riding a bike.
    3. Longer hip-covering hem design near bottom, suitable for a variety of body types when riding a bike.
    4. Versatile back pocket, folds inward while not wearing raincoat; available for holding portable items while wearing raincoat.
  • Bicycle Wheel Reflector - W9171
    W9171 : Bicycle Wheel Reflector
    Bicycle Wheel Light Reflector
    Product Spec :
    Material: PE, Reflective Band
    Dimension: 1.5x 1.5x 1.5cm /each
    Weight: 0.5g /each

    Short Description :
    Highly visual and reflective material to enhance night visual ability for car driver and safety for pedestrian. 

    Product Description :
    1. Apply highly visual and reflective material to enhance night visual ability for car driver and safety for pedestrian.
    2. Push Spokey on spokes and pull it out to release spokey from spoke.
    3. Easy install. Flexible adjustment to any location on spokes.
  • LED Spoke Light - W9188
    W9188 : LED Spoke Light
    LED Spoke & Valve Light (Pack of 2)
    Product Spec :
    Dimension: 2x 2x5 cm /each
    Weight: 15g /each

    Short Description :
    High brightness LED offer a warning for safety riding.

    Product Description :
    1. Using super bright LED's and 360° panoramic view angle. 
    2. Water and mud resistant. 
    3. Spoke, valve cap and key-chain light. 
    4. Auto flashing & ON / OFF switch. 
    5. Easy to replace battery and clip-on installation. 
    6. Flashing or steady mode cap. 
    7. Power: -----> 2 "L1154" / 1.5V battery - red LED 
                   -----> 3 "L1131" / 1.5V battery - white LED
    8. Easy install.
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